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Like last year, the ESWC participants have the possibility to take part in two different RFID experiments:


After RFID experiments at ESWC2009 and ESTC2009, STI Innsbruck added and extended the available services and provides an advanced experience with more sophisticated hardware. To participate in the RFID Kiosk Experiment, the participants have the possibility to register for the RFID-tag already in the registration form of the conference. More information on the RFID Kiosk Experiment available as download (pdf) or on the website: http://iot.sti2.at/wordpress/

In collaboration with SocioPatterns, KMi, and CeRC, all ESWC2010 participants are cordially invited  to participate in the social experiment: LiveSocialSemantics, where the Semantic Web, the Social Web, and the Physical World will come together to create a rich integrated network of information. Acquiring and integrating these heterogeneous, but overlapping, data sources will enable us to provide a range of novel services to conference attendees, to enhance the overall social experience during the conference. All interested conference participants can get their RFID-tags onsite at the Social Experiment booth. For more information about the Social Experiment at ESWC2010, please download the information sheet (pdf).