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Towards a Methodology for the Engineering of Fuzzy Ontologies
Panos Alexopoulos, Manolis Wallace, Konstantinos Kafentzis and Dimitris Askounis

Using SPICES for a Better Service Consumption
Guillermo Alvaro Rey, Ivan Martinez Rodriguez, Jose Manuel Gomez Perez, Freddy Lecue, Carlos Pedrinaci, Matteo Villa and Giovanni Di Matteo

Semantic Web Models to Support the Creation of Technical Regulatory Documents in Building Industry
Khalil Riad Bouzidi, Catherine Faron Zucker, Bruno Fies and Nhan Le Than

SOWL: Representing Spatio-Temporal Information in OWL
Sotiris Batsakis and Euripides Petrakis

Modeling and Proving Trustworthiness of Web Resources using Veracity
Gregoire Burel, Amparo E. Cano, Matthew Rowe and Alfonso Sosa

Ontology-based Access to Streaming Data
Jean-Paul Calbimonte, Oscar Corcho and Alasdair J. G. Gray

digO: Clustering-based Interactive Entity Search
Gong Cheng, Wei Hu, Sulong Xu and Yuzhong Qu

Enabling high performance computing resources for efficient Semantic Web reasoning
Alexey Cheptsov, Matthias Assel and Georgina Gallizo

Bootstrapping Semantic Web Services With In-Language Annotations
Owen Cliffe, Adan Scotney and Julian Padget

Visual, Ontology-Guided Hypothesis Analysis
Aba-Sah Dadzie

Random Indexing for Searching Large RDF Graphs
Danica Damljanovic, Johann Petrak and Hamish Cunningham

Towards a Semantic Web editor for the layperson
Christopher Donaher, Jesse Hatfield, Jessica Zeitz and Stephen Davies

Learner-driven Construction of Course-Specific Domain Ontologies
Thomas Fuhr, Patrick Gerl, Sabrina Kley, Harald Kratz, Jorgen Schmitt and Christoph Wiechert

Integrating Provenance into the Web of Data
Olaf Hartig and Jun Zhao

Personal Profile for Mobile Personalisation
Lillian Hella and John Krogstie

Narrative Semantic Web---Case National Finnish Epic Kalevala
Eero Hyvonen, Tuomas Palonen and Joeli Takala

An Approach for Supplementing the Korean Wikipedia based on DBpedia
Eun-kyung Kim, DongHyun Choi, Jihye Lee, JinHyun Ahn and Key-Sun Choi

Ontology Evolution in Data Integration
Haridimos Kondylakis, Dimitris Plexousakis and Yannis Tzitzikas

On Interlinking, Integrating, and Enriching User Data in the GRAPPLE User Modeling Framework
Erwin Leonardi and Geert-Jan Houben

Yes We Lunch!
Ricardo Melero, Victor Penela and Carlos Ruiz

A Swarm-based Semantic Storage Service
Hannes Muehleisen, Kia Teymourian and Robert Tolksdorf

3D architectural design in the semantic web
Pieter Pauwels, Ruben Verstraeten, Tine Jonckheere, Ronald De Meyer and Jan Van Campenhout

A Framework for Medical Image Annotations
Cedric Peeters

ContextTwitter. Living a semantic social life.
Victor Penela and Carlos Ruiz

A Linked Data Web Programming Framework
Matthias Quasthoff and Christoph Meinel

Data.dcs: From Legacy to Linked Data
Matthew Rowe

Engineering Complex Ontologies by Assembling Modular Ontologies of Space and Time
Jorge Santos, Luis Braga and Anthony Cohn

The MOST Project: Marrying Ontology and Software Technology
Edward Thomas, Jeff Z. Pan, Yuting Zhao, Krzysztof Miksa and Uwe Assman

Ontology Transformation as a Procedural Extension of the Description Logic Reasoning
Igor Toujilov and Paul Taylor

Combining Logic and Probabilities for Discovering Mappings between Taxonomies
Remi Tournaire, Jean-Marc Petit, Marie-Christine Rousset and Alexandre Termier

Global Access to Distributed Ontology Repositories
Kim Viljanen, Jouni Tuominen, Mikko Salonoja and Eero Hyvonen

NOR2O: a Library for Transforming Non-Ontological Resources to Ontologies
Boris Villazon-Terrazas, Asuncion Gomez-Perez and Jean Paul Calbimonte