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News from the Front: Latest Results from EU Projects


Wednesday, 2nd June • 16:30-18:00  |  Hermes + Apollon

Public presentation session

Wednesday, 2nd June • 18:15-19:30  |  Orpheas

Private matchmaking session

The News from the Front event at ESWC 2010 provides European projects with a unique opportunity to present themselves to the wider research community and explore potential synergies and co-operations with other projects in a focused and constructive manner.Everyone is welcome to attend the presentation session and hear what European projects have to offer the community.


News from the Front will be split into two sessions: a presentation session open to all in which all participating projects present themselves; and a matchmaking session restricted to participating projects for one-on-one meetings.
Each project will have no more than 3 slides (excluding title and closing slide) and 6 minutes to present itself to the attendees focusing on interesting technical aspects: what are the cool technologies that are developed, what interesting datasets can be made available, what are the possibilities that exist to build on top of the results? The idea is to be concise and direct, focusing on the concrete co-operation and re-use possibilities that exist.
The presentations will be complemented by an online matchmaking tool, where each participating project will be to provide further details on their activities and results and links to additional resources, demos, datasets, tools, etc.
After the presentations, we will have a “matchmaking” session, based on the meetings scheduled by the online matchmaking tool, where every attending project will have an opportunity to exchange information and share ideas for knowledge and technology transfer and joint activities and co-operations with other attending projects.

Participating projects






SemsorGrid4Env |


LarKC |


WeKnowIt |


e-LICO |




For any questions or enquiries, please contact News from the Front chair Lyndon Nixon, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .