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beinformed-logo-kleinBe Informed is an independent software supplier specialising in solutions for complex and knowledge-intensive business processes. Using our software, organisations improve their interactions with customers, streamline working processes and achieve substantial gains in efficiency.

Be Informed has been developed to enable organisations to respond quickly to changes in their business environment such as changing customer wishes, technological developments or the need to implement new legislation. To do this, Be Informed offers a suite of products that enables organisations to:
•    design, manage and analyse all aspects of their business;
•    straight through processing of complex cases;
•    support manual handling of services (decision support and case management);
•    context-specific delivery of information and knowledge;
•    apply knowledge in e-forms, dossiers and applications.


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Ontotext is the developer of several outstanding products and major contributor to open-source platforms. It is a proven, competent and cost-effective, partner in:
  • Development of tools and solutions based on semantic technologies
  • Software engineering, performance optimization, ontology design
  • Analysis, evaluation, feasibility studies based on cutting-edge expertise
The technology delivers real-world applications in Web Services and Enterprise Application Integration, Knowledge Management and Textmining, Business Intelligence, Media Research, and Life sciences. Ontotext carries out research in: NLP, information retrieval, ontology design and management, knowledge representation and reasoning, semantic web services and business process management (BPM). It is taking part in research projects with total budget of more than 100 million EURO. As a member of W3C we are involved in the development of the vision and the standards powering the development of the web.


sti_ibk_logoThe Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck is a world leading research institute working on the Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures.

Starting as a research group under the guidance of Prof. Dieter Fensel in 2003, it was officially been turned into an independent research institute at the University of Innsbruck in January of 2006.

STI Innsbruck has two full-time professors, Prof. Dr. Dieter Fensel (Institute Director) and Prof. Dr. Martin Hepp, several additional part-time professors and approximately 60 employees. STI Innsbruck is a founding member of STI International, whose aims is to establish semantics as a core pillar of modern computer science. STI International provides a collaboration point for STI Innsbruck with many industrial and research partners around the world.


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alt The aim of the EU FP 7 Large-Scale Integrating Project LarKC is to develop the Large Knowledge Collider (LarKC, for short, pronounced “lark”), a platform for massive distributed incomplete reasoning that will remove the scalability barriers of currently existing reasoning systems for the Semantic Web.

Best Paper Award Sponsor: Main Track

forth_kleinSince its establishment in 1983, the Institute of Computer Science at FORTH has had a relatively long history and recognized tradition in conducting basic and applied research, developing applications and products, providing services, and playing a leading role in Greece and internationally, in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies. It is the top rated research institute in Greece in the area of ICT, and represents Greece within the ERCIM network of European ICT institutes. Its Information Systems Laboratory combines expertise in knowledge representation and reasoning, database systems, web-based information systems and conceptual modelling, and is one of the leading research groups in the area of the semantic web.


Best Paper Award: In Use Track

notube_logoNoTube is the first project to focus on TV content as a medium for personalized interaction.The overall result of this project will be twofold:

  • Architecture, Services and Models for Personalized Access of TV Content
  • Three showcase implementations that demonstrate the use of this architecture to realize challenging use cases with different combinations of NoTube services and models.

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imclogo_smallIMC Technologies S.A. is an award-winning, ISO certified technology and consulting SME founded in 2004 with headquarters in Athens, Greece. IMC is the leader in the Greek market in the areas of knowledge management, semantic technologies and eParticipation. We provide highly specialized products and services to the public and private sector across several industries.

Our vision is to commercialize advanced research that makes an impact to everyday business practices. Our entrepreneurial principles that drive our evolution are the quest for excellent technology solutions, the pursuit of fresh and innovative ideas, the continuous investment in research and development and our commitment to the fulfilment of our customers’ business goals.

Our main offerings at the moment are:
1) eDialogos, an innovative methodology for deliberative decision making via inclusion and community building and collaborative software platform that mixes a Web2.0-based approach with state-of-the-art Semantic Web technology. eDialogos case in the City of Trikala was a finalist in the European eGovernement Awards 2009.
2) IMC Knowledge Manager, a novel Hybrid Semantic Reasoning Framework based on a combination of Ontology Reasoning, Fuzzy Logic and Case Based Reasoning. This combination enables the development of intelligent systems that may effectively capture the essence of human reasoning and use it for facilitating better content search and decision making capabilities.
3) eCulture Suite: a state-of-the-art solution for managing cultural and educational content targeted to museums, archives and libraries. The platform provides unified services for the organization, multilingual scientific documentation, knowledge modelling, publication, rich interaction, sharing and promotion of cultural content and digital collections.

AI Mashup Challange Sponsor

elsevier_smallElsevier is the world's leading provider of scientific, technical and medical (STM) information, tools and resources. A global company based in Amsterdam, Elsevier partners with scientists, researchers, healthcare providers, educators and decision-makers in academic institutions, governments and corporations to help them find, evaluate and use information. Our breadth of content is unparalleled, spanning virtually every STM field in the world. Using innovative technology, we deliver our content through tools that help our customers be more productive and successful in their work. ScienceDirect our premium online portal delivers the worlds' leading journals electronically to over 11 million readers in 200 countries.

Elsevier is looking at how in the contemporary scientific environment we can meet the real challenge to provide efficient access: eliminating research obstacles by creating a new kind of knowledge ecosystem that is integrated, intelligent, trustworthy and open to innovative applications.


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pascal2_smallPascal 2 The PASCAL Network of Excellence has created a distributed institute pioneering principled methods of pattern analysis, statistical modeling, and computational learning as core enabling technologies for multimodal interfaces that are capable of natural and seamless interaction with and among individual human users. The resulting expertise has been applied to problems relevant to both multi-modal interfaces and cognitive systems. PASCAL2 will enable a refocusing of the Institute towards the emerging challenges created by the ever expanding applications of adaptive systems technology and their central role in the development of large scale cognitive systems. Furthermore, the funding will enable the Institute to engage in technology transfer through an Industrial Club to effect rapid deployment of the developed technologies into a wide variety of applications, while undertaking a brokerage of expertise and public outreach programme to communicate the value and relevance of the achieved results.


Gold Sponsors

ontorule ONTORULE (ONTOlogies meet business RULEs) is a large-scale integrating project (IP) partially funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programmen under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Call 3 (ICT-231875).
Leading vendors of knowledge-based systems and a handful of top research institutions join their efforts to develop the technology that will empower business policies in the enterprise of the future. Two large companies are the test-beds that ensure the success and business impact of the technology produced by ONTORULE.


Silver Sponsors

deri_smallDERI is a Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET) established in 2003 with funding from the Science Foundation Ireland. After nearly five years of operation DERI has become an internationally recognised institute in semantic web research, education and technology transfer which directly contributes to the Irish government’s plan of transforming Ireland into a competitive knowledge economy. As a CSET, DERI brings together academic and industrial partners to boost innovation in science and technology, with its research focused on the Semantic Web.



Franz Inc. was founded in early 1984 as a vehicle to produce and sell Macsyma. While that never developed into a business, Franz Inc. did sell Franz Lisp while working on their own Common Lisp implementation. Franz Lisp died out in the 80s as Common Lisp became more popular. Today, they sell Allegro Common Lisp, which is a direct descendant of the Common Lisp they developed in the mid-80s, and a series of products like AllegroCache built on it. In late 2004, Franz began a development program focused on delivering scalable RDF database technologies for the Semantic Web, also known as Web 3.0. The product, AllegroGraph, is built on many of the highly optimized technologies found in Allegro CL and AllegroCache and was a natural extension for Franz's technology stack. The release of AllegroGraph 2.2 in August 2007 has propelled Franz to a leading role as supplier of commercial, persistent and scalable RDF Graph Database products. In addition to AllegroGraph's ability to process billions of RDF triples, AllegroGraph also supports SPARQL, Full Text Search, RDFS++, and Prolog reasoning from Java or Common Lisp applications.


ios_press IOS Press - (co-)publishes around 100 international journals, ranging from computer science and mathematics to medicine and the natural sciences and 100-125 book titles a year. 2010 sees the launch of the new journal Semantic Web. Commencing its publishing activities in 1987, IOS Press services a variety of scientific and medical communities in all parts of the world. IOS Press is a fast growing publishing company, which follows the developments in publishing closely. All journals are available online and an online book platform was launched in 2006.


altThe Talis Platform is an open technology platform for mass collaboration and human-centric and information-rich applications. A platform for semantic applications, it combines Semantic Web, information retrieval, collective intelligence and behavioral mining technologies. Provides data management, organization and analysis components that can learn and understand patterns of behavior and present them through an API to be interwoven appropriately into any application. Interaction with the Talis Platform is via a suite of RESTful Web services.


altThe mission of Yahoo! Research is to develop the world-class science that will deliver the next generation of businesses to the company. The scientists focus on data-driven analysis, high-quality search, algorithms and economic models. Yahoo! manages many of the largest and richest data repositories in the world, and researchers mine insights from these giant collections, individually and collectively, maintaining the privacy of the users while setting new standards for user value. Yahoo! believes in an open culture of collaboration with peers from academic and research institutions. Yahoo! provides an academic setting with a focus on simultaneously publishing scientific work of the highest standard while driving a research agenda with significant impact on the company. At the same time, they follow the Yahoo! tradition of a great work environment with first-rate benefits and amenities, the freedom to exercise creativity in pursuit of a goal, and a fun, focused setting with world-class colleagues.

phaistos_networksPhaistοs Networks ΑΕ


Registration Sponsor

seekda seekda GmbH is an Austrian spin-off company of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI Innsbruck) at the University of Innsbruck. seekda was built on the results of the European Union funded DIP, and Austrian FIT-IT (Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH) RW2  projects. The corporate headquarter is located in Innsbruck, Austria. seekda developed the first global Web Service Search Engine based on focused crawling, allowing access to publicly available Web Services and currently indexes and monitors over 27K Web Services from over 7K service providers.

Other Sponsors

crc press logo160x60Chapman & Hall/CRC Press - Taylor & Francis publishes cutting-edge computer science books for researchers, academicians, and computer scientists.  A sample of our recent semantic web titles will be on display during the conference.



logosealsSeals-Semantic Evaluation at Large Scale The goal of the SEALS project is to provide an independent, open, scalable, extensible and sustainable infrastructure (the SEALS Platform) that allows the remote evaluation of semantic technologies thereby providing an objective comparison of the different existing semantic technologies. This will allow researchers and users to effectively compare the available technologies, helping them to select appropriate technologies and advancing the state of the art through continuous evaluation.

The SEALS Platform will provide an integrated set of semantic technology evaluation services and test suites. They will be used in two public and worldwide evaluation campaigns. The results of these evaluation campaigns will be used to create semantic technology roadmaps identifying sets of efficient and compatible tools for developing large-scale semantic applications.


semsphere_logoSemsphere offers a comprehensive semantic technology training and certification program which has been developed in consideration of the needs and requirements of IT companies and professionals. As a result our core certifications, specialized courses, and tailored education programs precisely meet the demands of the business IT world and enjoy an excellent reputation regarding their contents, quality, strategic usefulness, pragmatism and applicability.